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Client Testimonials

Central Cabs are a prominent taxi company with over 40 years’ experience in the transport industry. We pride ourselves on continually providing a reliable and prompt service to our customers.

Booked this cab through the Harding Hotel for a ride to the airport. They were a few minutes early picking us up and very friendly. Cab was spotless and the driver was knowledgeable and very helpful. I would certainly choose them again when I am in Dublin for any ride. Many of the cabs i was in in Dublin and London had lots of perfume/air fresheners in them. I don't do well with these smells and this one didn't have it - so they even if they didn't have all the other things going for them - i'd still give them 5 stars!!

Lois Chase

I booked this taxi for my mums early morning trip to the airport. They were 15 min early and very courteous. Thank you!!!

Jamey Walls

On time, polite and very helpful. Highly recommended...

Evan Byrne

Great service, friendly drivers

Lloyd Connolly

Great service!

Robert McLoughlin